Adrian Hatcher

BSc (Hons) Ost

Specialisations - Osteopathy, Sports Massage & Acupuncture
Adrian Hatcher

As a young man and prior to pursuing a career as an osteopath, Adrian played football at a semi-
professional level, playing initially for Tonbridge Angels Football Club and then Tunbridge Wells
Football club, which is where Adrian’s passion for fitness and interest in anatomy and rehabilitation, began.

In 2001 Adrian was involved in a water sports accident and suffered a serious neck injury which
prevented him from participating in any contact sport, and it was from here that Adrian came across
osteopathy as a way of treatment and rehabilitation following his own injury. This personal
experience of osteopathy motivated Adrian to train as an osteopath and he began his study in 2002
and successfully completed his degree in osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy,
graduating in 2007.

Following his qualification, Adrian worked as a newly qualified osteopath at several different clinics in
and around Kent and Sussex, gaining experience, consolidating his learning and developing his skills.
During that time, Adrian came to Herne Bay to work as an associate under the previous
establishment of Herne Bay Osteopathic & Sports Injury Clinic, prior to purchasing the business in
2008 and set about creating the multidisciplinary practice that is Osteopathy & Wellbeing @CT6.
Adrian remains passionate about sport, rehabilitation and particularly osteopathy as a treatment for
all, and he continues to strive to build upon a professional, highly qualified multidisciplinary team of
practitioners with the common aim of providing prompt diagnosis, first-class treatment and an
excellent experience for the patient.

As an osteopath, Adrian places high importance on and indeed prides himself upon explaining in
plain English the likely physiology of the presenting complaint, and detailing a suitable and effective
management plan to best aid and support recovery in both the interim and more importantly the
long-term future. Adrian’s specialist interest sits firmly with chronic spinal patients, an area whereby
Adrian has developed his specialist abilities to develop and deliver comprehensive maintenance
plans for patients, to reduce their complaints and allow them to enjoy a better quality of life, and
Adrian relishes the opportunity to offer practical help, support and hope to patients where other
therapies have failed to deliver.

When Adrian is not at the clinic working he keeps himself busy at home, which he shares with his
wife Kerry-Anne and their two children, who incidentally are also sporting fanatics and both
compete in a variety of sports competitively. In addition to supporting the children with their
activities, Adrian still finds time to maintain his own fitness by playing vets football, competitive
squash as well as maintaining a personal exercise regime.

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